2018-2020 XV RALLY ARMOR BLACK ur MUD FLAPS (Choose Logo Colour)


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You love your car, methodically converting your Subaru XV into an all-terrain, off-road beast with led light-bars, skid plates with meaty tires and forged wheels
Chances are you love the lifted look. We heard and yes, we’ve seen you lift into all-terrain territory. We’ve witnessed some of you discernibly take a pass on stock. Rally Armor poly-UR-ethane mud flaps for the 2018+ XV work just fine for the factory iteration; now, with our XV LT or Lift/AT version, you too can clear your prized fleshier, muscular tires with the robust Rally Armor mud flaps. Modified brackets and redesigned fronts will give you even more reason to charge ahead with your XV mods.

Combining springy, resilient polyurethane plastic with a shocking tolerance for freezing conditions to painfully blistering heatwaves that would melt most generic PVC and polyblend plastics, Rally Armor UR mud flaps are the steadied champs in a category all on its own. 

Never any drilling, always custom fit, using stainless and plastic retainers to resist galling and rusting, Rally Armor has the ultimate, long-term protection plan for the utility vehicle. 

Included in 1 Set of Made in the USA Rally Armor Mud Flaps 

4 Premium Polyurethane Flaps
Custom Mounting Hardware
Custom Stainless-Steel Brackets
Colourmix | Black UR Mud Flap with your choice of Grey, Red, White, Silver, Blue or Orange Logo