2017+ Honda CR-V - LP Aventure lift kit


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Improve the look and the ground clearance of your Honda CR-V with the LP Aventure 38mm lift kit. The lift kit is designed in the LP Aventure workshop by their production team that has over 20 years of experience in off-road.


  • Top plates spacers manufactured in stainless steel.
    The top plate spacers are designed with 304 stainless steel and they are TIG welded. They are tough, durable and resistant to corrosion. 

  • Aluminum-engineered subframe, springs, trailing arm spacers.
    Machined from high quality aluminum blocks, with a CNC machine, these supports are machined with the highest precision. 

  • Lengthened brake lines spacers.
    The lift kit includes elongated brake line spacers that allow easy installation which does not require to replace original brake lines.

  • Endlinks spacers.
    The lift kit includes support for endlinks that allow a simple installation, which does not require replacing the original endlinks. 

  • Complete hardware.
    All hardware required for installation is included.